Our Mission:
Jorge Pinto Books is a niche, international multicultural publishing house committed to publish content that attracts a new generation of readers and generates new demand for books. JPB is developing a publishing model that invites creative professional partners.

Jorge Pinto Books has already established strategic partnerships with several authors, artist, editors, designers, and other experienced specialists in distribution and marketing to niche markets.

JPB is producing four collections that intend to shape a distinctive profile of a publisher that offer high quality and fun non-academic learning tools. These series are:

a) Working Biographies,
b) Rediscovered Works,
c) Books in Translation,
d) Illustrated Books

a)Working Biographies. The first series consist of short biographies (25,000 words, 120 pages) of relevant professionals. They are planned to attract colleague students and other readers interested in learning about different professions from the perspective of successful people in those fields. Two titles have been completed and will be published in early Spring 2005: Paul Samuelson, On Being an Economist and Tom Ford:, on Being a Fashion Designer. Several others titles are being produced. [Back to Top]

b)Rediscovered Books. JPB has acquired the English rights to reprint The Letters of Thomas Mann and Hermann Hesse published in 1983 (now out of print). Pete Hamill wrote the introduction to this new version, highlighting the importance of these two classic Nobel Prize winners and their correspondence. JPB is also looking at getting the English rights of an early short story from each writer, to enhance this volume. The idea is to produce five out of print relevant works a year, presenting them with additional content to make the work interesting and relevant for today readers. [Back to Top]

c)Books in Translation. This collection aimed at original English and Spanish books that have universal appeal going beyond a specific culture. Jorge Pinto was the director of a collection of books on Economics and Finance published by two leading Spanish-speaking presses, Oceano in Latin America and Turner in Spain. The idea behind this collection is to tap a new readers in the Spanish speaking world that are interested in following new ideas and trends in economics and finance. The authors are well-known economists and academicians as well as business journalists that write for a wide audience. Among the topics that are covered by the collection is the phenomenon of globalization, the evolution of stock markets and its crisis, the historic evolution of markets and finance, the history of key institutions and their role in the international markets, etc. [Back to Top]

d)Illustrated Books. The importance of art as a powerful communication medium is recognized in this collection. JPB has been associated with two great artists and successfully published two illustrated books;  Instructoart, Lesson 1 and Victor Rodriguez, 10 years of painting.  The first book was published early this year and got very positive reviews, is widely distributed and has sold more than 7,000 copies (2nd print). The Victor Rodriguez books is just being released and is being distributed in museums' bookstores and galleries around the world. Two new projects are now being developed and will be ready for late Spring 2005: Matthew Vescovo, The Life and Death of Bling Bling, from the Instructoart series. [Back to Top]




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